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The company setpark GmbH was founded as a private limited company by Rene Steiner to provide a variety of high quality services, products and innovations. The company's main focus is on product management and consulting in a range of technology and management areas.

If you are looking for engineers, consultants, or someone to manage your projects; if you are looking for a business opportunity, or if you would like to sell products in Switzerland or Europe, feel free to contact us!

We look forward to hearing from you!

+41 33 221 76 70

  • setpark is product management, business development and innovation. We manage projects locally and in an international environment.
  • setpark creates concepts and specifications for you and your customers in different business areas. Telecommunications, public transport and government are just a few examples of the areas where we have expertise and experience both nationally and internationally. Our user centric approach which involves close cooperation with your employees and suppliers, is a key success factor for smooth integration into your environment and products.
  • setpark works with experts from a small but elite pool of specialists. We select our partners on the basis of practical knowledge, competence along with personal contact or recommendations from experienced partners. To complete your international product development in Switzerland and Europe, we provide offshoring in Eastern Europe and India.

Cadamon - The Pilot Gear - is a new innovation by setpark! Please, visit